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The faces of Bulgarian Interior Design

The Dibla Design Awards offer the top-level experts in the field of interior and product design to demonstrate their professionalism and talent. Anyone who desires to get a high degree of publicity and credibility for their work or wants an author or a project that has impressed them to be distinguished at the largest and most prestigious platform in the industry can offer an application in the appropriate category. Dibla Design Awards offer the unique opportunity to Bulgaria’s best projects and their authors to be recognized and honoured on a lavish ceremony, so that they’d become famous not only in the professional circles but also among a wide audience of consumers, investors and media.

The official Award Ceremony is the most significant and elite event for the industry. This is evidenced by the support of the leading companies – Dibla's annual partners – who care about the prestige of the profession, support all the initiatives of the Platform and contribute to building the image of the designers and the branch as a whole. The event is a fruitful opportunity to create business contacts. Over 600 guests – emblematic representatives of the design and architecture guild, the media and the business in Bulgaria – gather in the most elite and high-tech event hall in the country – Sofia Event Center, to learn the names of the best in the industry, ranked by an international jury. The jury consists of experienced experts with worldwide recognition, guaranteeing the high level of competition and selection. Thus the winners would undoubtedly be able to meet the standards of world class connoisseurs.

This way, the Dibla Design Awards each year prove and illustrate the achievements and successes of Bulgarian design to the business circles and the general public; give designers the opportunity to impress their partners, competitors, and the guild as a whole – to demonstrate their contribution for a more beautiful world, a more comfortable life and more successful business.


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Anyone interested in presenting a project for application is welcomed to check out this year’s categories and the terms for participation.

The Statuette

The "Designer of the Year" statuette is the highest award for interior and product design in Bulgaria. It certifies the recognition of the exceptional achievements of its bearer, allows them to include the title in their presentations, to present themselves as Designer of the particular year, to utilize the honour of the prize for building their professional image.


The winners in the different categories and their projects, as well as the winner of the "Designer of the Year" award, receive wide publicity. The leading media in the country promote the achievements of the deserving and follow their development. Dibla has developed partnerships with important print and electronic media, and the ceremony attracts new ones every year.


Each award-winning project and its author receive a certificate confirming the recognition of the demonstrated creative and professional potential. The international jury of the event guarantees the value of each Dibla Design Award. The nominees are evaluated by carefully selected world-renowned specialists so that the level of assessment is unparalleled for the country. 

Winners’ Gallery

The data about the nominees and the winners is presented on the Dibla Design Awards website and remains stored and available for unlimited period of time. As the organizer of the initiative, the National Platform for Interior and Product Design Dibla also publishes the posts at dibla.com; thus they would reach up to several tens of thousands of visitors monthly. 




The Catalogue

Each year Dibla issues a luxurious catalogue "The Best of Interior Design". It summarises and presents the current level of Bulgarian interior design with the most impressive projects of the past year.

The Dibla Design Awards nominees and winners are presented on some of the most important pages of the publication. The Catalogue has a special section dedicated to their projects, distinguishing them among the best interior projects in the country for each year. Of course, a key place in The Catalogue is granted to the winners in the categories and to the winner of the Designer of the Year Award.

The catalogue is distributed by Dibla.


Dibla Design Awards, captured moments through the years