In the Contest Categories


About the Projects

The projects must be completed and up to date, and should demonstrate the best abilities of the participant.

Each author or site owner is free to apply with an unlimited number of projects without any restriction in the categories. Applying with more than one project and/or in more than one category is done by separate application for each project/category.

All applications are free of charge.

Application requirements:

  • 1 to 10 professional photos of the completed project (size up to 2 MB per photo, 72-150 dpi, *.png or *.jpeg format), demonstrating the site and the project comprehensively. There should be no branding nor logos, etc. on the photos, preventing their full reading.
    At this stage, the photos are not necessary for printing purposes, but candidates must have their high quality equivalents for use in promotional materials and publications, if the candidate is ranked highly.
  • Brief description in Bulgarian and English (in MS Word), describing the materials, demonstrating the specific advantages and the original solutions in the project.

Projects that have participated in other contests and competitions are also welcomed.


Ranking Process and Criteria

The jury holds a preliminary ranking among all registrations. The approved pass into the second round and are nominated as potential winners. Only the candidates / projects admitted to the second round of evaluation (i.e. nominated) owe an administrative fee (see below).

After the initial selection of the jury, each nominated project gets its entry number in the rating system, and the author will receive a notification letter at the e-mail address with which they have applied. Within 5 days, but not later than November 10th, 2017, the participant should confirm by e-mail his wish to continue in the competition, to receive an official invitation for the Ceremony and to pay the respective fee.

The ranking of the best projects will be announced at the 2017 Dibla Design Awards.

For maximum objectivity, the ranking of the projects is carried out by a large international jury of renowned experts. The mark of each project is the total of points (1 to 10) obtained by set of different criterion. Each member of the jury has their own profile in the overall rating system and votes alone and independently of the others.

The main evaluation standards include, but are not limited to, the following criteria:

  • overall impact
  • space optimization
  • ergonomics
  • originality and innovation
  • elements combining



IMPORTANT! All designers' applications (not the sites owners’ / managers’ applications) before October 10th, 2017 are free of charge, even if nominated! This avoids the clutter of projects at the end of the competition period, facilitating their administration and jurying.

The application fee is BGN 180.00 for the administration of the competition and the processing of the information.

The fee is paid upon receipt of the invitation for the Award Ceremony (the invitations are delivered via courier and is valid for the nominee and two accompanying persons), unless the application has been submitted before October 10th, 2017.

Any author or site owner is free to apply with an unlimited number of projects, without restriction in the categories; this is done with a separate application and a separate fee for each project.


Terms and Schedule

  • Free registrations deadline: 10 October 2017
  • Paid registration period: 11 October– 10 November, 2017
  • Jurying: 13-17 November 2017
  • Awards Ceremony (and announcing the results): 22 November, 2017
  • Publishing in the Gallery at www.dibla-awards.com: November 2017
  • Publishing the Best Nominated and Award Winning Projects in the Catalogue "Best of Interior Design for 2017": Spring 2018


Ranking and Rewarding

For each nomination (entry number and paid fee) the participant receives a separate invitation; this allows participants with more nominated projects and / or nominees in more categories to make a bigger number of their personal guests a part of the Ceremony.

The winner and four runners-up in each category:

  • will be included in the brochure of the Ceremony; the brochure will contain the contact details of the nominees and will be distributed among all guests and representatives of the media at the event;
  • the runners-up will receive diplomas certifying their achievement, and the winner – a certificate;
  • will receive a free copy of the luxury catalogue "Best of the Interior Design for 2016";
  • will enter the winners' Gallery at the Dibla Design Awards website;
  • will be included in the luxury annual catalogue "Best of the Interior Design for 2017";
  • will be special guests at Dibla's events in 2018;
  • will enjoy the full media coverage of the event and the Awards Ceremony.


Legal Requirements and Conditions

By including each particular site/project in the contest, the applicant declares that he / she is the author of the project and has the consent of the owner / manager of the site for the plan, photographs and other data related to the site to be included in the competition and widely published. The organizers of the Dibla Design Awards are not responsible for any outstanding copyrights and other legal / professional conflicts between owners, authors and / or third parties.

By participating in the contest, the author agrees to allow "Dibla" to use and publish their project without any copyright claims to the platform.

By participating the designer declares that they will be available for media appearances and participation to promote the event and the results of the contest.

The author should provide a document that they are the creator of the project and that there are not and could not be any claim by a third party for copyright and other infringements.

Site owners / managers can include their site in the competition only applying together with its designer.