The assessment approach for the Dibla Design Awards is unmatched in the country. The prizes are awarded to projects and designers from all over the country by a prestigious international jury. It consists of prominent Bulgarian and foreign designers, architects, lecturers from the most prestigious institutes in Europe, emblematic representatives of the business circles, people with proven taste, authority and public reputation. The members are recognized and highly appreciated experienced experts from three continents, coming from Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Ukraine and Venezuela. This guarantees the high level of the competition and the prestige of the awards, making the Dibla Design Awards the most significant awards in Bulgaria in the field of interior design.


Gabriele Chiave

Designer - VP, Global Creative Director , U.S.

Gabriele Chiave, knows no boundaries. Born to diplomat parents in Metz. Gabriele holds a Baccalaureate in Economics and Society and studied at the Euro- pean Institute of Design in Milan, Industrial Design Academy. After his studies, he worked in Milano for several design studios and renowned Italian companies. In addition to winning design competi…
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Hasegawa Aoi

Designer, lecturer, Japan

Hasegawa Aoi graduated in Architecture and construction from the University of Tokyo, Japan, and began her professional career at the Fuji Television Network in Tokyo. There she was developing the stage designs. Later, Hasegawa moved to Italy and got Master’s degree in Domus Academy in 2005. Since 2006 she has been living and working in Milan, coll…
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Attila Veress

Design Consultant, Product & Strategic Designer, Romania/ UAE / Italy

Born in Transylvania in 1990, he grew up in the UAE and graduated in Industrial Design and a Master in Strategic Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (Milano) in 2011. His thesis was awarded with an Honourable Mention at the 23rd ADI Compasso D’oro Award (Targa Giovani). He began his professional career working for Gordon Guillaumier, where h…
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Olgierd Jaskulski


Graduate of the "School of Form", the design department at "SWPS University" in Poland, specialized in Industrial Design. As a designer for the VOX brand, he is responsible for projects in the door and furniture categories. He participates in the design processes of the development department, creating the company's wide range of products. He gains…
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Yovo Bozhinovski

Founder and Chief Designer, Bulgaria/United Kingdom

With over 15 years of experience and over 80 completed projects worldwide, the company deals with interior and product design. BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN is a company based in London and has implemented projects both in Bulgaria and in other places in the world, Los Angeles, Moscow, London, Munich, etc. Their main philosophy is to work entirely in th…
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Radina Gesheva

Architect, Bulgaria

Graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia, specialty Architecture. Founder of one of the first private architectural bureaus in Bulgaria. Works in areas such as: Architecture, Spatial Design, Scenography, Product Design and Interior Design. Has numerous projects implemented in different cities in Bulgaria …
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Teodor Todorov

Architect, Bulgaria

Teodor Todorov, born 1970 in Plovdiv. Graduated from UASG in 1996 in the Department of Architectural Constructions. In 1996, together with Plamen Todorov, they founded A.I.A. - Associate Engineers and Architects. A company specializing in the design and construction of interior spaces and small objects. In 2002, together with Nikolay Mario, they…
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Simonа Zarkova

Interior designer, Creative Director and Event Organizer at Dibla, Bulgaria

Simona Zarkova graduated in Landscape Architecture at the Hristo Botev Sofia High School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy; Bachelor of Engineering and Furniture Design at the University of Forestry, Sofia; holding Master’s degree in Spatial Design from NBU, Sofia. Her career began in 2011 as an interior and furniture designer at one …
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Ilian Milinov

Designer, Bulgaria

Ilian Milinov graduated with a degree in Interior and furniture design from the University of Forestry in 1996. In the late 1990s he worked as a chief designer at Interservice Uzunov and in 2000 joined ORT Jsc. His model Seattable won the TOP TEN Award and Chair of the Year Award at Promosedia in Italy, First prize for innovation at The Best of Neo…
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Prof. Dr. Vasil Zhivkov

Lecturer, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Zhivkov is Head of Interior and Furniture Design Department at the University of Forestry, Sofia, and lecturer at Interior and Design for Architecture Department at UACEG, Sofia. He is author of over 150 scientific and popular-science publications; published a textbook, a monograph and study guides. Prof. Zhivkov co-authored one patent fo…
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Prof. Dr. Arch. Orlin Davchev

Аrchitect, lecturer, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Arch. Orlin Davchev is Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at UACEG, Sofia, and a lecturer in the Department of Interior and Design for Architecture. Together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Davcheva he is founder of MIODESIGN Architectural Studio and VIDEA interior projects online platform. Davchev is the author of a numerous projects and re…
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Tzvetana Shipkova

Еditor in chief, Bulgaria

Tzvetana Shipkova is one of the most prominent Bulgarian journalists in the field of interior and product design and architecture. Long-time editor-in-chief of "Nash dom" magazine, then editorial director of the Bulgarian edition of the emblematic architectural magazine Abitare, today he is the editor-in-chief of MD magazine - the only specialized …
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