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Application is made by registering a new or already active profile at When adding a project, it is necessary to note "I PARTICIPATE IN Dibla Design Awards". Already uploaded projects that are not marked to apply can be edited to participate.

Interior design projects are allowed in the competition regardless of the year of their implementation. Any author or owner of a site/venue/facility that falls into the contest categories can apply with an unlimited number of projects in an unlimited number of categories. Applying in more than one category and / or with more than one project require separate registration for each of the projects and / or categories. Projects must be up-to-date and illustrate the best achievements of the participants. If you wish to propose your application for "Designer of the Year" you need to send an email to

The ranking of each project goes through several stages:
1. Each submitted application is subject to review for compliance with the technical requirements and the terms of the contest.
2. Approved projects advance to the second round and are nominated as potential winners.
3. The International Jury votes; the projects that receive the most votes become finalists, and the highest rated project becomes the winner in its respective category.

Applications disqualified at the first stage will receive a notification letter at the e-mail address from which they were submitted within 10 working days after registration, with information about the reason for rejection. A disqualified project can be rectified and sent back for review to the system.

Each nominated project receives its own registration number in the evaluation system. The participant receives a notification letter at the e-mail address from which the application was submitted within 10 working days after registration.

For each registration, regardless of their total number, an administrative fee is paid for application review. 

After submitting their application, the candidate receives a letter from our system with a pro forma invoice for the fee; the application is considered valid after the payment is done within the specified period.
The fee for second review of an initially disqualified application is BGN 50.00

If the applicant meets one of the two following criteria, they can receive 20% discount of the registration fee:
⦿ Was nominated in previous Dibla Design Awards contests;
⦿ Is registered in the platform, has published more than three projects in their profile, including the project with which they are applying.
The discount does not apply to the review of disqualified applications and application made in the period January 22 - February 04, 2024!
⦿ The Designer of the Year nominations are free for the entire period until the application deadline.

The title of Designer of the Year can be obtained only once! It is not only a testament to the exceptional contribution of its bearer to the development and level of Bulgarian design, but also a recognition for comprehensive career that has reached the highest level! That is why applying in this most prestigious category is free!

Those wishing to participate in it should include in their applications awards they have received over the years, references from clients and companies, 3 completed projects from the last 3 years, a short biography in Bulgarian and English.

For more information, read Terms and Conditions.


  • Awards that Embody Success

    Receiving a Dibla Design Award allows its holder to identify with it and include the received recognition in their professional presentations. Projects that reach the finals are given the right to be branded with the DDA logo, which is an undoubted guarantee of quality. An award for a public or business venue or location attests to its effort in creating a highly aesthetic, contemporary and comfortable environment and atmosphere.

  • The Awards Ceremony

    The online presentation of the distinguished projects and the winners' awarding allows for an extremely high distribution and viewership of the event. Thus, the successes and recognition that the finalists and the winners receive from the international jury will reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of spectators!

  • Gallery

    All awarded projects will be included in the gallery of the competition. It not only reflects the level of interior design in the country, but is also used as a reference area by enthusiasts and professionals, business partners and customers.

  • Annual Catalogue

    Every year, the National Platform for Interior and Product Design Dibla summarizes the most impressive projects from the past 365 days in the luxurious catalogue "The Best of Interior Design". It also includes some of Dibla Design Award nominated projects, and a special place is dedicated to the winners in the categories, as well as to the winner of the Designer of the Year award.

  • Media Response

    Due to its online broadcast and distribution on the numerous channels of the Platform, the announcement of the winners of Dibla Design Awards 2020 and the presentation of the Designer of the Year will reach an unprecedentedly wide audience. Special spotlights shall be pointed at the winners in the categories and the Designer of the Year through the interviews with them, which will be posted on the Platform.

  • Primus inter pares

    Every year, Dibla Design Awards also distinguish Designer of the Year. This is not just a formal title or a subjective selection, but the guild’s recognition for merit in the industry, for high professionalism, for talent and diligence. The one among the many prominent designers in Bulgaria, who is able to stand out brighter amidst his colleagues during the year, receives the deserved authority and reputation embodied in the award.